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Hi! My name is Angee; Welcome to my homepage. I live in the great state of Texas with my husband, James, and my son, Justin. I am a full time legal assistant for a bankruptcy attorney. I am currently a member of weight watchers. I have not put my progress pictures on this site yet. I have only taken my before picture. I hope to add this site soon. Some of my interests include listening to music, dancing, watching tv ( My favorite shows are 7th Heaven, General Hospital, Amazing Race, Survivor, Trading Spaces, etc), Playing card games with my family and on (I love Texas Holdem), and shopping. I also like sports, The 49ers are my favorite football team, and the Braves are my favorite baseball team... My son is 17 years old and plays hockey. He is a straight A student, and he's a pretty cool kid. He hopes to go to the University of Texas when he gets out of high school. He works full time right now, saving for a new car (It's all about the wheels- LOL) My husband was born in Miami, Florida and is now 34 years old. My husband and I met in church about 15 years ago, and we were married on Valentine's Day 1995. We renewed our vows Valentine's Day 1997. That's a great way to celebrate your anniversary, don't ya think?? We have alot of fun together. He enjoys the outdoors, computers, movies, and games. My birthday is January 28th; I have recently turned a YOUNG 37 years old. :^D Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit to Angee's Place. It was nice to meet you, come visit again ,the door is always open. Be sure to visit my friends cafe, my Praise Page,my Trophey Room, My Photo Album, and my humor room while you are here.

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