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And the Winners Are
While surfing the net, I found some sites that were good enough for the Angee's Award of Excellence. These sites help the web be a better place because they are on it. Some sites are fully developed and some are diamonds in the rough. Either way, I thought they had what it takes. Check them out!!

Georgette's Junction Teresa and Zach's Page The Davis Family Homepage
Kelly's Homepage of Angel's Jamie's Home Page! Welcome to Pooh's Corner
Chris' Whale Shrine Welcome to Laurie's Place The Kingpins Domain
Kristen's Homepage Greg's Neighbourhood Rick's Webnest
Meghan's Homepage Emily's Webpage Dustin's Homepage
Bob and Cheryl's Heartland Home Karen's Page Mark Wallis's Collection of Thoughts
Alice's Homepage Stacey and Mark's Homepage Tipi's Retreat
Pink Bear's World Elly's Slice of Cyberpie Jeannette's Jewels
Kim Miller's Home Page George of the Jungle Marie's family page
Charmaine's Place in Space Kevin's CyberJournies Valerie's Home Page
Janet's Page A year to Remember Annie's Underwater Abyss
Dennis's Home Page Laura's Page The Best of Midi's
Gospel Outreach Ministries Online Kristie's Place in Cyberspace Angelinna's Homepage
h0neYBeE's HoMe PaGe Shane's Favorite Links Mercy in Jesus
Becky's Home Page My Own Place Tara's Homepage
G Koop Family Homepage A few of my Favorite Things Stephen's 49er Page
Debbie's Page Debra's HomePage Truddel's Home Page
The Spirit of Truth Ministries

The Ultimate Contemporary Christian Music Comparison Site on the                                Internet!

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