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Welcome to The Soapdish

This is the place where all my neighbors can go and dish their
favorite soaps.They can tell what they think of their favorite
stories, actors, actresses. Who you would like to see paired up with who.
Who you want apart. The people you wish they would get rid of,
and the people you'd like to see them bring back... I don't watch
all the shows, so you have to help me out here. E mail me and tell
me what you think. Who knows maybe one of the soap directors or writers
will show up and read our thoughts and write it into the story.
(It could happen *smile*) So, Let's get to it, okay...

Angee's Favorites

    Favorite character = Nina O'Neil Because I always considered Nina and
    myself to have a lot in common.

    Favorite story = I think this has to be the story of Jenny and Jessie
    (all my children)

    Worst story = Marlena possessed by the Devil.
    (Days of Our Lives)

    Best triange = Nina, Ryan, Cole, Victoria.
    (Young and the Restless) More like a square, but okay...

    Worst triange = Brooke, Taylor, Ridge.
    (the Bold and the Beautiful) Wise up ladies, he's not that hot..

    Best Villaness = Phyllis Romalotti
    (Young and the Restless)

    Best Villian = Todd Manning
    (One Life to Live)

    Best guy you love to hate = Tanner Jordan
    (All my Children)

Let your Voice be Heard
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