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Angee's Award of Excellence

Do you have what it takes to get one of Angee's Awards? This is a new award that will be given out whenever I find a worthy webpage. If you win, you MUST link the award back to my page. I'm not just giving the award to anyone, you have to be the best of the best. The only way to be eligible for this award it to sign my guestbook. I will visit sites from there. I will review your site and respond by e-mail if you are a winner. I will only contact the winners. Only sites that are family oriented or PG rated will be eligible for this award. So you want to know what I'll be looking for? I'll be looking for the following criteria:

No this is not the award!!!

1. Easy to navigate.
2. Creativity
3. Proper use of graphics. I have a 33.3 kps. connection, it should be able to load quickly. I'm very impatient.
4. Good Color schemes and font size etc.
5. Readability
6. Must be more than just a link page for external links.
7. Graphics must be on your server, unless you have permission to link them.
8. All Links need to be working.
9. I don't really like frames so, if you have frames, they better be easy to use.
10. The most important thing is Do I like it... If so, more than likely you will get the award. Oh yeah, and it doesn't hurt to sign my guestbook.

If you think you fit all the criteria, feel free to take the award. I have been so busy this summer that I haven't had a chance to really keep up with the award. I hope to have a new award in the fall and start giving it out myself. In the meantime, go to the award page


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