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On   the   Lighter   Side

Welcome, to my humor room. I have put together a collection of jokes and funny stories.
Here's where you come in, e mail me any funny stories, jokes, etc. to the address below.
Please remember this is a family page.*smile*... I hope you enjoy the jokes, and may it add
some sunshine to your world... Don't forget to sign my guestbook, and e mail me and let me
know what ya think...

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List of Christian Jokes

The New Priest The Big Exam The Plane Ride
The Big Game The Fishing Trip Church


Food for Thought

Other Jokes

Rope Joke Aggies Hunting More Aggie Jokes
Fruitcake Recipe Deer Hunter's Day Dumb Blonde Jokes
Brotherly Love Operating Systems
Clinton Jokes
Lawyer Jokes The Train Trip Near Death Experience
Definitions Not yet in the Dictionary.


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