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Angee's   Friends

Welcome to Angee's Friends cafe. Where the coffee is always hot, and the conversation is always good(Some times we even have cheesecake). Here's a list of links of people who let me put my link on their page. If you'd like me to add your link, please add my first page to your links and e mail me and I will add your page here. I hope you enjoy your stay at Angee's Place. Visit my friend's pages and see what they have to offer. There's some great stuff on the following pages.


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My Kewl Friends

James' Jungle of Free Stuff: My husband's Page of Free Stuff Links
James' Chat Links: Another one of my hubby's to support my chat habit
Welcome to Justin's Wacky World My son's homepage.
Kim Miller's Home Page This is a very good web page, Check it out.
Julie's World Go to Julie's world and see her picks of the week.
All American Page This is a good christian, conservative page.
Calvin and Hobbs Home Page: My favorite comic strip
Weight Watchers: The official website for Weight Watchers. Check out the message boards
Dotties Weightloss Zone: A great weigh loss site. It has recipes and points values for recipes
Party Poker.comMy favorite place to play Texas Holdem
Jeannette's Jewels Visit Jeannette's page for freebies.
Steven's Stark Raving Sane Check it out for yourself!!

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