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Welcome to my Broom Closet!!!
You are probably asking yourself, how in the world did you get in the broom closet, and what is in here. Well you got here because you hit the link on my first page. *smile* What's in the broom closet, well it's were I keep all of the ideas that I haven't got around to yet. It's a place that I can tell everyone what is going to happen in Angee's Place in the next few weeks. I'm excited about the new additions that are going up. So keep those hard hats on, and DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. My insurance doesn't cover it. hee hee.

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New Additions Coming to Angee's Place.
    1. Kitchen- hopefully the kitchen will be up and running soon. You will be able to find all kinds of good things in the kitchen, such as recipes and helpful hints.
    2. Inspirational page- here I will be sharing some of my favorite poems and scripture verses with you.
    3. Music Room- I hope to share with you some of my favorite artists and stuff, I'll have country, rock, and christian.
    4. Family fun page- funny stories about my family and yours.

I also hope to add to my praise page. I've been so uplifted through my travels in cyber space, that I have a lot to add. I also hope to add COLORED pictures before too long. Well, If I keep hiding in the broom closet, I'll never get all of this work done. Now where did I put the broom. Huummmm.

I may add more backgrounds and midi's in the near future, Tell me what ya think of the changes so far...

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