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The Big Game

It was Super Bowl Sunday,and there was this man in Heaven names Scott. Scott was gloomy and sitting around looking sad. St. Peter came up to him and asked Scott why he was so sad. Scott said, "It's Super Bowl Sunday on earth, and I just miss it that's all." St. Peter said, "oh, is that all. We have football in Heaven too and we are also having a big game." Scott's eyes lit up as he said, "Really?" "Really,"said St. Peter,"come with me and I'll show you." Scott followed St. Peter to the field where the big game was beening played and he looked puzzled. The jersey's had letters on them instead on numbers. St. Peter told Scott that instead of numbers they used initials of the position that the player was playing. Like QB is quarterback, TE is tight end, etc. Scott said, "Oh, I get it." He looked around and said "Hey, who is that guy on the sideline, and what does TL stand for." St. Peter whispered, "Oh that's God, He thinks he's Tom Landry."

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