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The Exam

In this major christian university, they had a religion class that hardly had any students in it. To solve this problem, the professor put the word out that anyone who took that class would get a good grade. This sounded great for the football players at the university. So for many years, all of the football players took this religion class and every year the final exam was the same: "Describe the travels of the aposel Paul". The football players didn't study until the day before the big exam and then would study the travels of the aposel Paul. This went on for many years. The class was booming. One year, as the years before, all the football players got together and started studying for the big exam. They studied the travels of the aposel Paul. The next day they came in to class ready for the big exam. They got the test papers and the question was: " Critically evaluate the Bible." The football players got nervous, they didn't know the answer. So one by one they put there names on the paper thinking maybe they would at least get some credit. Most erased their names and wrote them in cursive, hoping they would get more credit. Then they left. All except Bubba. He sat there and sat there. Finally he started writing like crazy. He wrote straight for about two hours. He started off his exam with:" Who am I to critically evaluate the Bible, but let me tell you about what I know about the travels of the aposel Paul. The next day the grades came out. Every one failed except Bubba, he got a B.

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